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"Camp Was Amazing!"

During the first week of August, we took youth (ages 11-16) and senior adults (ages 50 and over) to a week of Camp Dynamite. Here are some of the testimonies.

Senior Adult Camp

Gertrude Buchanan, a Senior Camper, writes: “Camp was amazing. God’s Word was preached, taught, and shared. God showed up in a big way. Camp was refreshing, educational, and tiresome but well worth it. I’ll use the things I learned at camp. Each year I grow more and watch the Holy Spirit work in the lives of the youth campers. All I can say is, ‘WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE.’ Pray that when camp is over the things we learn will show up and show out for the glory of God.”

Dr. Verbena Crowley, also a Senior Camper, writes on Facebook, “Camp Dynamite is marvelous for seniors. SUPER camp for kids. I’m about collecting folks to go next year. SUPER affordable. Exceptionally renewing. All Christian experience.”

A special honor of camp was having Pastor Gayle Anderson Massey as our speaker. Pastor Gayle grew up in our neighborhood and served as our youth pastor for several years. She has worked for Prince George’s County Public Schools for over 30 years and pastors Advancing in Kingdom Living Fellowship in Suitland, MD.

This [lesson on anger] should be taught in the schools!” Omar, Youth Camper

Youth Camp

Our registration for this camp nearly doubled this year! Steve Fitzhugh, former Denver Broncos (NFL), was our powerful, relevant Chapel speaker for the second straight year.

Scores of young people made life-transforming decisions. Many accepted Christ as Savior and many more made commitments after learning in Bible Class on dealing with anger, resolving conflict, bullying, and forgiveness. Several campers committed to getting control of their anger. Many mentioned they were forgiving those who wounded them. Comments at the end of the week included:

“She demonstrated spiritual growth.”

“He released all pain and confusion at the altar.”

“He is ready to forgive those who hurt him.”

“She will try to be a peacemaker.”

“There was a serious change in his behavior.”

“We had an in-depth conversation about what happens after death.”


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