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Encouragement Comes in Many Forms

We are grateful…God is faithful…and you are generous!

We continue to appreciate your support of the ministry here in Southeast Washington DC. You have consistently encouraged us as you have prayed and stood with us as we have been faithful to the call of God. When we see God at work in individuals’ lives, please be assured that it is also “fruit that will abound to your account.”

“I went to Camp Dynamite and it changed my life!!”

We are encouraged in so many places. Sometimes it’s on the sidewalk. One Sunday after church, I was walking to the car, when a young adult man greeted me (Brother Bob) by name. He exclaimed, “I went to Camp Dynamite and it changed my life!!” He was coming home from his church.

Sometimes it may be at a sister church. The pastor had me sitting on the platform and as I was leaving, two adults greeted me and told me that they were saved at our church or camp and were now active at that church. I have since found out that two other parents with roots in our ministry have moved to the suburbs, married, have children, and are busy in the same church. In fact, one brother drives the church bus for Camp Dynamite virtually every year.

Sometimes it’s at a funeral. Sister Tessie Yates, one of our folks, had passed and what a time we had rejoicing at her Homegoing Celebration. At another funeral, the minister asked us to stand since so many attending had a connection to our ministry. What a time we’ll have in Heaven!!

Sometimes it will be at the grocery store. It may involve a hug, a kiss, or an expression of appreciation for the Gospel’s effect in their lives.

Perhaps the most encouraging place is wherever someone has just prayed to receive Christ. Sharon will ask (especially children), “How do you know you are forgiven?” One will respond, “God said so,” and another, “I feel different inside,” and yet another, “An angel told me I was.” Awesome!

Or it could be at a banquet when college professor Dr. Dana Cavallaro surprised me with a story of the impact that her involvement as a teenager had as she was involved in an outreach here. She continues to tell the story of how she learned that incarnational living is the way of the Kingdom.

Aren’t we all connected!! Praise the Lord!!

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