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Get ready for DYNAMITE virtual camp 2021!

Join us for 90 minutes of Dynamite Virtual Camp each day for five days!


  • Intriguing Charlie Stories – Can’t wait to see what Charlie is going to get himself into this time! You don’t want to miss this five-part visualized story told by Sister Sharon, featuring a cliff hanger each day.

  • Exciting singing – Including “I Am A Promise!”

  • Engaging Bible verses – We might rap, cheer, or sign the verses…who knows what’s next? But one thing’s for sure…you will definitely remember them and apply them to your life!

  • Interactive life application – Each day you will discover something that will help you in daily life!

  • Daily virtual prayer walks for Senior Adults!

  • More activities designed just for you!

Best of's free!

Here are the details:

Invite your friends! Tell your family! All are welcome! And did we mention that it's free!

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